Energy concepts and simulations as a service

 We are happy to support you in the development of energy concepts and project-related simulations. To do this, we use the full potential of TOP-Energy® and can thus work with you in agile cooperation to create a concept, study or analysis that is tailored precisely to your specifications.

 Our services can include:

  • Data preparation

    Development of the data basis, load profile generation

  • Energy and plant concept

    Simulation of different plants for generation, conversion, storage. Flow diagrams, plant dimensioning, integration of different technologies.

  • Evaluations

    Technical-economic comparison of variants, Cost and revenue calculation, ecological evaluation

  • Sensitivity analyses

    Detailed analyses for the technical-economic optimization of partial components.

  • Optimization of control systems

    Modelling of efficient plant controls during operation.


 Determination of the marginal price of a CHP system for switching from heat- to electricity-guided operation using a sensitivity analysis.

Simulation study for the energetic optimization of an industrial site

Evaluation of different concept variants for power, steam and cooling supply of an industrial site. Integration of CHP plant technology and renewable energy sources to achieve CO2 and cost targets

Development of a district energy concept

Energetic modeling of electricity and heat supply of a neighborhood. Including photovoltaics, decentralized heat pumps and CHP systems.

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