Find the mathematically optimal and most cost-effective operational plan in dependancy of various parameters

Minimizing production costs

The changed framework conditions and requirements in the energy market are forcing energy suppliers to consider more and more parameters for revenue optimization. How can the many interacting factors in a producer portfolio be optimized in terms of revenue? Mathematical optimization algorithms such as those used by the TOP-Energy ® software can help to cleverly exploit the existing systems and thus secure cost advantages in operation.

Always one step ahead

The simulation software TOP-Energy® is particularly suitable for optimizing the operation of power plants, thermal energy generators and storage systems. Based on all relevant technical and economic parameters, timetables can be automatically calculated for various periods of time and then archived. In the model, all input parameters are translated into an equation system whose optimum is determined via an integrated solver. So you can be sure that with TOP-Energy® you can drive your power plant park optimally at all times.

Advantages at a glance:

TOP-Energy® in use: Selected projects

TOP-Energy® has been used for many years for application optimization in industry and district heating. The following is a selection of projects.

Initial situation: Four historically grown refrigeration plants with 13 chillers

Goal: Reduction of electricity consumption

Solution: Simulation of the plant for optimized operation using intelligent switching sequences and efficient utilization of all machine efficiency.

Result: Saving of electricity costs by 14.5%, reduction of CO2 emissions by 1033t, decrease of operating hours of all machines by 7%.

Project partner: perpendo Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

Contact person: perpendo Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

Michael Zens

Phone: +49 241 412 500 01


Investitionsentscheidung, Anlageneinsatzplanung und Vermarktung

Optimization in the chemical industry

From the investment decision to the operational planning. Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG uses TOP-Energy® to optimize the energy supply of its chemical parks.

Power plant deployment planning for district heating operators

Energie AG Oberöstereich Wärme GmbH optimizes the use of its production park every day. Including storage and an additional integration of industrial waste heat.

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Customer feedback

Dr. Philip Voll, Project Engineer and Coordinator Dispatching

” Using the TOP-Energy® software developed at the RWTH in cooperation with computer scientists from Berlin, the scientists visualized the plant park as well as the mass and energy flows. Thanks to this optimization tool, it was possible to identify vulnerability and develop optimization solutions. In addition, “fed” with the respective plant data, the best possible timetable for energy supply could be set up at minimal cost. “This result was so convincing that we acquired the license to use the software. Step by step we will implement this automation tool.”

Customer feedback

Dr. Ing. Josef Füreder, Managing director i.R. Energie AG Oberösterreich Wärme GmbH

“Especially at times when the general conditions change daily, a district heating company must always use its generation units as economically as possible. If gas engines, hot water boilers and a heat recovery system from a cement plant and storage facilities are available, as is the case here, this is a major challenge. The expected heat demand, fuel and operating costs as well as the revenues from CHP operation play a role in this. With the TOP-Energy® program, we have an easy-to-use tool at hand that nevertheless is able to perform complex calculations and with which we plan the cost-optimised use of the plants on a daily basis. As a customer, we are also delighted with the excellent service provided by TOP-Energy®.”

Dr. Ing. Josef Füreder, 2014

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Einsatzoptimierung in der Fernwärme

Einsatzoptimierung in der Fernwärme

Tägliche Einsatzplanung von Erzeugern und Speicher anhand von technischen und wirtschaftlichen Randbedingungen für die Energie AG Oberöstereich.

Tägliche Einsatzplanung von Erzeugern und Speicher anhand von technischen und wirtschaftlichen Randbedingungen für die Energie AG Oberöstereich.

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Optimierter Fahrplan

Mit TOP-Energy® täglich den mathematisch optimalen Fahrplan in Abhängigkeit von Wetterprognose und Spotmarktpreisen bestimmen und als Eingabeparameter zur Regelung verwenden.

Mit TOP-Energy® den mathematisch optimalen Fahrplan in Abhängigkeit von der Wärmeprognose und Spotmarktpreisen bestimmen und als Bericht ausgeben.

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