Managing complexity

The demand-oriented and cost-efficient energy supply in an industrial park is a complex task. This is why more and more industrial companies or their service providers are deciding to use computer-based simulation and optimization tools. The reasons for this step could be:

Better understanding of the energy system

Modeling the energy system to identify cause-effect relationships and visualize mass and energy flows.

Effectively make investment decisions

Do I invest in a CHP, battery storage or perhaps Power-2-Heat? A time-dependent simulation provides more substantiated answers than static Excel estimates.

Daily plant operation optimization

To optimize the plant timetables, weather data, production plans, as well as forecasts of demands and prices flow in the model.

Advancing integrated marketing

From load management to marketing on the electricity exchange (EPEX Spot). With TOP-Energy®, the additional revenues from flexible generation and consumption can be calculated realistically.

Customer feedback

Philip Voll, Project Engineer and Coordinator Dispatching

“With the help of the TOP-Energy® software which was developed at the RWTH in cooperation with computer scientists from Berlin, the scientists mapped the plant park as well as the mass and energy flows. Thanks to this optimization tool, it was possible to identify vulnerabilities and develop solutions for optimization. In addition, “fed” with the respective plant data, the best possible energy timetable could be drawn up at minimal cost. “This result was so convincing that we acquired the license to use the software. Step by step we will implement this automatization tool”.

Title: Efficient conception of contracting projects
Authors: Julia Kalthoff und Johannes Schließer
Jg 65, 2015, Nr. 6
Seite 22-24